Rachel Hurst

(902) 867-4927
Nicholson Tower

Dr. Rachel Hurst's research falls within three interconnected, yet distinct, projects. The first project examines the importance of photographic and dermal surfaces for cosmetic surgery. This research has been published and presented nationally and internationally, most significantly in her sole-authored book manuscript Surface Imaginations: Cosmetic Surgery, Photography and Skin, which is presently under review, and in her co-edited book (with Dr. Sheila L. Cavanagh and Dr. Angela Failler), Skin, Culture and Psychoanalysis (Palgrave 2013). The second project queries the role of photography in the settlement of North America as a means to visually depict a fantasized 'before' and 'after' settler contact, which will ultimately result in a book manuscript tentatively titled Settler Fantasies and Colonial 'Before and After' Photography. This research has been presented nationally and internationally, and in 2011, Dr. Hurst was the Jackson Brothers Fellow at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University in pursuit of this project. The third research project is an ongoing, lifelong engagement with the intersections of feminist pedagogy, decolonization, and creative expression. This research has been published in Feminist Teacher, and presented nationally. More information on Dr. Hurst's research projects can be found on her personal website, http://www.rachelhurst.ca.

Her teaching centres on her areas of expertise, contemporary and historical feminist theories, embodiment, and cultural theory (WMGS 205, 232, 303, and 399), and Dr. Hurst also teaches the introductory course in women's and gender studies (WMGS 100). In all her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Hurst is committed to developing creative and rigorous learning opportunities for students. An example of one of these opportunities is the Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video project, which has a web site: http://doingfeministtheory.ca.

In addition to her research and teaching, Dr. Hurst is also an LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered/transsexual, queer/questioning) advisor for students at StFX. In this role, she advises individual students as well as X-Pride (the LGBTQ student organization at StFX), and works with the Director of Student Life and the Aboriginal, Black, and International student advisors. For more information on student advisors at StFX, visit http://sites.stfx.ca/student_life/.